Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Annie with our Grandaughter Georgina.

This is a photo of my wife Annie with Georgina one of our lovely grandchildren taken circa 1995 it was 
taken in Mum and Dad's garden at Crawley.

Annie with our Grandaughter Georgina.

This is a photo of my wife Annie with Georgina one of our lovely grandchildren taken circa 1995 it was 
taken in Mum and Dad's garden at Crawley.

Photo of me (Bill Ware) My brother Peter,my three sisters ,Joanne,Mandy and Janet with our Mum(Joan Ware nee Saggers)

This photo was taken in 1985 in the garden of Mum and Dad's at Crawley, Peter had come over from New Zealand for Mum and Dad's Fortieth wedding Anniversary

Aunty Rose and her eldest son Mark

This photograph is from my sister Janet's collection of Aunty Rose and her eldest son Mark ,it was taken I would guess circa 1956

photograph of me (Bill Ware) and my three sister's

This photo came from my sister Janet's collection, I would guess it was taken circa 1996
From the left to right Joanne ,Me (Bill Ware) Janet  and Mandy

Albert Saggers ( Uncle Bert) and lady?

This photograph is of Uncle Bert and a lady who I don't recognise,I would hazard a guess that the lady was his Mother in law as she looks very much like Aunty Doris (Uncle Bert's wife) hopefully Sylvie Dianne or Tony (uncle Bertt's children) can confirm this, the photo is from my sister Janet's collection, 

Friday, 19 June 2015

Crawley 1956

This photo was taken by our uncle Jack Saggers, from left to right (back row) Mum ( Joan Ware nee Saggers ) holding our youngest brother Peter then me( Bill ) Our sister Janet, then front row left to right Aunty Gladys, her  daughter Linda Saggers, our Dad (Bill Ware senior) and our brother Bob.

Rusper summer 1957

This photo was took by my Dad ( Bill Ware) of me ( Bill Ware junior) on the left my brother Bob ,my sister Janet and our Mum Joan Ware nee Saggers holding our youngest brother Peter ,it was a Sunny  Sunday afternoon near Rusper West Sussex, we often walked to Rusper and had a picnic on the way .

Our Grandad Albert Saggers

I would guess this photo was took the same day as the photo below of three of his daughter's ( our Mum's) possibly Southend on Sea mid 1930's .

Tommy Collins and unidentified girl

This picture is of our Tommy and  I am not sure who the girl is ,hopefully Johnny or Aunty Bet will know, it is possibly Aunty Rose ? this photo is one that Janet came across this week

The Three Saggers Girl's

             The Three Saggers Girls, this picture is of my Mum ( Joan ) on the left, her sister Rose on the right and their youngest sister Betty ,It was probably took at Southend on sea circa 1936, my sister Janet came across this picture and a few others among our Mum's collection

Friday, 7 February 2014

Are these two photograph's of the same person ?

The top picture is cropped from the group photo that i posted a few day's ago,the picture came with a letter to John from our Mums and Dad's  cousin Jack,
 the picture is of our Nan's Mother ,( Granny Jelly ) his Mother  Ruby , together with her children Including Jack who sent the picture , his sister's ,Ruby and Doris and Nan's youngest sister Margaret ,

when  my cousin John Collins fetched his collection of photographs , there was also another picture amongst them of a lady which looked to me like the same person but older, John wasn't sure who the lady was and thought it might be Aunty Ag , I sent the picture to my cousin Andy and asked him if he could ask his Mum ( Aunty  Betty ) if she could  identify who it was, 

immediately  Aunty Betty identified her as Nannie's sister Margaret Jelley or Mag's as the family called her  , anyway I decided the best way to be able to compare them properly was to crop the head's off the photos and put them together and here they are below ,
what do you all think, if everyone let's me know I will post any reply's anyone send's me together with these pictures : 

Andy has emailed me and he agrees they are both the same person

DIane has just contacted me and she also  thinks that they are both picture's of Aunty Mag's

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Sylvie, Scott and Dean

Sylvie Saggers with her son's Scott and Dean

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Nanny Jelly ,Ruby Jelley( nee Harwood) Jack Jelley, at the rear , infront Ruby Jelley, her sister Mavis Jelley and onthe right thier AuntyMags Jelley

This lovely old family picture is one of My cousin John Collins's collection, it was sent to him by Jack Jelley who was the son of  Nan's brother Jack Jelley and Ruby Harwood ,he accompanied the photo's that he sent with a letter saying who was who ,they are described by him as the little boy at the back is Jack Jelley junior, the lady on the left is Nan's Mother her maiden name was Charlotte Naomi Roberts better known by us as Nanny Jelley, to the right of her is her daughter in law Ruby Harwood, the front row is from the left Ruby Jelley , Doris Jelley and bottom right is Nan's youngest sister Mags ( Margaret Jelley) Mags married a man called Tommy Dowry and she sadly died in 1956, Ruby and Nan became great friends and our Nan and Grandad were witnesses at Jack and Ruby's wedding, young Ruby's Grandaughter Moira is still in contact with me she now lives in Basingstoke, the Army discharge certificate below this picture was Nanny Jelly's Grandfathers  .

James Roberts ( Nan's Great Grandad ) Army Discharge certificate from The Royal Hussars

This is the Army discharge certificate for our Grandmother's maternal Great Grandfather, his name was James Roberts and he fought at the Battle of Waterloo in the Royal Hussars Cavalry  he was in the army for twelve years , his son ( Nan's Grandad) Charles Roberts , was also in the army for a long time The Roberts family were from a tiny little village Otterden in Kent .

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Tommy and Johnny

This photo of Tommy and Johnny was taken in the back garden of St Martins Rd  circa 1942, the picture is one of Johnny and Cath's collection.

Sylvie Saggers

This picture is from Sylvie's collection it was taken in the late 1950's 

The wheelbarrow race.

This smashing photo is of Sylvie and Aunty Doris at the back and Tony and Uncle Bert at the front, the picture is circa 1953

Tony and Jean Saggers

This photo of Tony and Jean was took circa 1965

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Uncle Bert with his two children Tony and Sylvie Saggers

                        Uncle Bert, Sylvie and Tony circa 1951. From Sylvies collection

Sylvie Powell ( nee Saggers and her Husband Alan Powell.

Sylvie and Allen this picture is circa 1965 . From Sylvies Collection

Sylvie and Tony Saggers

This picture of Sylvie and Tony was taken in the early 1950's ,from Sylvies collection

Sylvia Saggers 1945

This lovely photo of Sylvie is one of her collection 

Uncle Bert , Aunty Doris , Sylvie and Tony

This picture has lost the right hand side of it ,it has happened on this one and all the pictures that I have loaded in the last few day's ,if you click on the photo to enlarge it you will see the full picture


This  lovely  photo is of our Uncle Bert , Aunty Doris and their children Tony and Sylvie
circa 1953 , ( from Sylvies  collection ) 

Jack Jelley

This is a photograph of Jack Jelley, he was in the Pioneer core of the Coldstream Guards for twelve years , he fought in South Africa in the Boer War and left the army in 1902 and then he reinlisted in 1915 for World War One , he was too old by that time to be sent to the front, so he was posted to Deptford ,looking after the horses,that were being shipped to France for the Cavalry and the Officers, he was the Father of our Grandmother Eva Saggers ( nee Jelley ) he is described on his army record's as fair complection with blue eyes, his wife Charlotte Naomi  Roberts had dark hair and brown eyes ,my Nan was brown eyed and most of her children had brown eyes and dark hair and so did her husband  ( our Grandad  Albert Saggers) but my Mother Joan Saggers  inherited  his blue eyes and fair hair which has passed on to all of her children and most of her grandchildren

Pete and Scott Rouse

            My Sister Janet took this picture of Pete her husband and Scott, her son

Linda and Brian

This is a picture of Brian Rouse and Linda Rouse ( nee Saggers)  This is one of Johnnie and Kath's
Collins collection.
( There is a glitch in the new website program which  covers  the  right hand side of each picture , if  you click on the picture it will increase to the full size )

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Kathy and Aunty Rose

This picture of Kath is one of Johnny and Kath's  collection

Bob , Janet, me and Peter with puppies

This  photo was  taken in the summer of  1955 the puppies were from our Spaniel 

Lee and Rosalyn's wedding day

Click on the picture to enlarge it , in order to see  all of it , the picture has shrank for some reason 

This is a photo of Lee and Ros's wedding day ,it was a really great day , the two older girls are Lee's eldest daughter's from Lee's first marriage ,Shelby and Saphire all the other children are Lee and Ros's, since their wedding they  have had another two children , the youngest boy is named after me , ( Bill Ware ) which I am really so chuffed about, I have posted a picture of him below.

The Three Bill Ware's

This is a picture of me ( Bill Ware ) my eldest son also Bill Ware and Lee and his wife  Ros's youngest son also Bill Ware ,

 I also have a photo in my collection of my dad Bill Ware with his Dad who was also Bill Ware together with his Father ( my greatgrandad  ) who was also named Bill Ware ( he was born in 1865)  my son Bill only has one child ( Nickie). so you can imagine how pleased I was that my nephew Lee and Ros named their youngest son William !

Tommy Collins's And Wendy Clarke's wedding day

            This picture has once again lost some of it's width ,if you click on it it will widen

I think this picture was  taken at Tommy's wedding to Wendy Clarke in 1955 ,the front row I think are Uncle Jack Saggers, Aunty Eve Collins  (nee Saggers) our Nan ( Eva Saggers) holding Peter in her arms, Tom Collins my Mum Joan Ware ( nee Saggers) , Johnny Collins , Marjorie Or Marion ( I am not sure if I am right with Johnny's  ladies name in this picture ) and on the right Aunty Glad ( Gladys  Saggers nee Hanifan ) this picture is from John Collins's collection .

Tommy and Johnny Collins

Tommy and Johnny looking very smart , I would say this photograph was taken circa 1946

What a great snapshot,it look's like Johnny is asking  Aunty Eve for some bus fare and he look's as if he was in a real hurry and Aunty Eve's looking quite amused by Johnny's intenseness , I would say it was taken circa 1948 , it is part of Johnny's collection

Pete Rouse ( married to Janet Ware) Dave De Hoedt (married to JoanneWare ) and Lee Ware ( my nephew )

This is the type of photo I like not posed for , I wonder what Dave was talking about ? this snap was took at Lee's   wedding at Buxted Place , it was a really lovely day , everyone really enjoyed theirselves.

The original rockers ?

   This photo was taken in Langley Green , Crawley, Sussex , circa 1956   from left to right  Kenny Moth, Bill Ware senior and Bert Saggers

Silly Hat Day!!

I think this picture was taken at Herne Bay circa 1977 ,it looks like they were having a great holiday,
for those who are reading this who are not family from left to right they are Pete Rouse Mandy Ware, Joan Ware ( nee Saggers) ( my Mum) Joanne Ware, Janey Rouse, Scott Rouse Bill Ware senior , ( my Dad ) the picture was taken by Janet Rouse ( nee Ware ) ( my sister )

Tom Collins Jack Saggers and Bert Saggers with dog

I think this great photograph must have been taken circa 1937 it was probably taken by Aunty Eve and it is part of Johnny Collins collection                  

Sylvia and Tony Saggers

         Sylvia And her brother Tony Saggers circa 1952

Doris Saggers ( nee White) , Eva Saggers ( nee Jelly) and Tony Saggers

Aunty Doris Nanny and Tony camping in Hastings in the early 1950's

Janet and aunty Betty

This photo was taken in Jan's garden 

Sylvie Saggers and Alan Powell

This is a picture of my cousin Sylvie with her husband Alan Powelljust before they got married in 1965

Mum ( Joan Ware nee Saggers , ) Dad ( Bill Ware snr) Me ( Bill Ware) Peter Ware and Janet Ware

This is a picture of me Peter, Mum, Dad and Janet taken 1961

Sylvie and scooter

This is a picture of Sylvie with her scooter circa 1960's

Friday, 24 January 2014

Charlotte and Spencer

this picture is of my brother Peter's Grandchildren Charlotte is Pete's daughter Kim's daughter and Spencer is Pete's son James's son

Katy and her daughter Georgina

This one is of my youngest daughter Katy on the left and her eldest daughter Georgina ,if you click on the photo you will see the whole picture, for some reason the website seems to be cutting some of the new pictures off

Andy and Jan

This was taken at Aunty Betty's 80th birthday party I think,,for some reason the website is cutting the pictures, but if you click  on the picture you get the whole  picture

Aunty Betty and Jenny

This photo was emailed to me today by my cousin Diane Wisdom (nee Saggers ) if you click on the picture you will see the whole picture,
many thanks Diane, keep them coming

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Tony and Jean's Wedding photo

Johnny came down a few week's ago to visit Janet and me and brought all his old family photograph's to add to our website, Janet scanned them all and she has added some more from her collection, I shall post them on here as I find a spare few minutes at work ,This one is of Tony and Jean's wedding day.