Tuesday, 22 September 2009

another picture from Lynn,

this one is of Mum,Dianne,Aunt Rose,Nanny,Mark,Janet,Lynn and me

A page from Aunt Glad's photo albulm if you click on the picture it will enlarge and you will see that the top photo is of Aunt Bet and uncle Ernie's wedding day,Tommy and Johnny are on the right of the pictur,I could do with some help with who the rest of the people in the photo are

Barbara Aunty Ag and Mum at Mum's 40th wedding anniversary

Jack,Dad,Bet,Sylvie,Doris,JennyRose,Janet and Mum

Aunt Bet,Mum,Uncle Jack and Aunt Rose

Uncle Bert at the beach

another picture from Lynn,I was really chuffed to get this one of Mum and Dad's wedding day

this ones a bit blurry ,it was took at Nan's
This picture was given to me by Lynn it is of Mum Aunt Rose and Aunt Bet

Uncle Tom, Uncle Jack ,Johnny,Tommy,Beryl , Aunty Eve and Aunty Glad

Mum,me and Janet at the seaside

Me 1954

Mum ,Aunt Doris,Aunt Bet and I think Aunty Eve

Mum and Dad with us kids

This old photo has seen better days ,I recognise Nan and Aunty Doris and I think the bigger boys in the front row are Tommy and Johnny,any help on this one though would be appreciated

This is a picture of Nan's Grandparents Charles and Elizabeth Roberts ,Elizabeth's maiden name was Prescott, the picture was took outside their house in Edgell Road Staines,

Charles worked as a boat builder in Staines

Janet and Scott

Janie and Beccie

Me and Annie forty years ago

I found this picture amongst Mum's photos,I have no idea who he was,any suggestions?

This picture was taken on a day trip to Calais

Janet ,Charles Alison and me 1955

Mum and Trixie

Me and Janet 1952

Nan with Tommy and Wendy on their wedding day

Nan and going by the baby's fair hair possibly Mum in her arms

Jack and Glad's wedding day

Aunty Eve,Mum,Betty Moth,Sylvie,Nan,Betty Moths Mum,Peter and Janet,

This picture was taken at Mum and Dads in1955

This is a picture of Mum and Dad when they were courting

Mum and Dad's wedding day ,this picture was taken outside Nanny's at St Martins Road ,if you look carefully in the right hand corner Uncle Tom is watching the picture being taken from Nan's front door

I am not sure who this picture is of ,I think it may be Aunty Rose ,

any ideas?

Mum and Dad,one of my favourite photos

Mum Dad,us kids and our dog Trixie

Friday, 18 September 2009

This is a basic family tree of our ancestors

This is William Worth, he was our great,great,great,Grandfather,

to put another way, he was the Grandfather of Minnie Dryer Martin who was the Mother of our Grandfather Albert Arthur Saggers,

He was a Wesleyan Minister ,he was born in Tiverton in 1781 to wealthy parents and became a Wesleyan circuit preacher ,he married Susannah Dryer born Exeter 1796 they had several children including Emma Bennet Worth (born 1832 Helston Cornwall ) she was the Mother of Minnie Dryer Martin ,William eventually became a Superintendent Minister ,which is the equivalent to a Canon in the Church of England.

His daughter Emma Bennett Worth married Alfred Martin (born Chartham ,Kent 1831) Alfred was employed as an assistant in a drapers shop in Islington owned by William Worth's sister Mary.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

This is the marriage certificate of our grandparents,Albert Arthur Saggers and Eliza Eva Gertrude Jelley,the witnesses are their mothers ,Naomi Jelley and Minnie Dyer Saggers ,
Nan was living at 16 Quinn Square,Grandad was living at 98 Quinn Square

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Worth House built 1791

This is the census form for 1911 it shows Grandad and his two sisters Florence and Lily,they were at that time living in two rooms in Clissold Road Hackney,the form would have been filled in by one of our great grandparents and has both their signatures,the section for how many children they had shows five,two had died ,it also asks how long they had been married ,that section was left blank, they had never married ,I have found a previous marriage entry for a Minnie Martin which if it is her would explain why they never married ,divorce at that time was only possible for the very rich and even then virtually impossible to obtain ,Minnie was eight years older than Frederick an was 33 years old by the time our Grandad was born Mum told me years ago that our great grandfather Frederick Arthur Saggers deserted Minnie and leaving her and the children to fend for theirselves, when Minnie died her death was registered in the names of Minnie Saggers and Minnie Dyer Martin ,Sylvie has the original Death certificate;

Minnie was the Grandaughter of a Weslyan Minister, his name was William Worth, he was born in Tiverton,Devon, he came from a very wealthy family from a village two miles from Tiverton called Washfield ,they owned Washfield for hundreds of years they built the church there and have their own private vault ,I visited the village four years ago ,the Worth family built their last family house a beautiful Georgian manor house in 1791 , it was called Worth House ,

By the end of the 19th century the last member of the Worth family sold up ,the house fell into disrepair,it was demolished and a new house of equal proportions was built in its place in 1936 (see photographs above) I contacted the present owners ,an American couple and they very kindly invited me to come and visit them and have a look around the house ,so far I have not found the time ,there is some information about the Worth family at Tiverton Museum and lots more at the Devon records centre including a portrait of our Great Great Great Grandfather , the Reverand William Worth, I have a copy of his portrait which I shall also post,

the Worth family lived in Washfield and Tiverton from the time of the Norman conquest.

Nanny Saggers and Mum (Joan Saggers)

Me (Billy Ware) Aunty Eve and my sister Mandy

Nan and Grandad Saggers

Grandad Saggers,Aunt Rose and Mum (Joan Saggers) with the pearly kings and Queens in the background

The Ware family

Aunty Betty,Aunty Doris, Aunty Rose and Sylvie ,not sure if the boy with Sylvie is Scott or Dean