Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Johnny with a moustache!

This picture is a bit blurry but a nice one  to have :
Johnny ,Bill Goodman,my Dad,(Bill Ware) Uncle Tom,Uncle Jack,Aunty Bet,Aunty Rose,Mum(Joan) Aunty Eve and Aunty Glad

Rosa and Andy

Mandy,Nan,Joanne and Dianne


Sylvie and baby

I am not sure whether the baby Sylvie is holding is Dean Scott or Keeley

Glad Jack,Eve and Tom

Uncle Tom,Glen and Johnny the viking

Aunty Betty's wedding picture

Last  weekend my sister Janet had a small get together at her house and Lyn kindly brought her photo albums along and all of these  that I am putting on this week are from her collection,we simply photographed them instead of having to try and scan them , which can be quite awkward when they are glued in an album,they have come out better than the ones we have previously scanned,this picture was posted by me and Lyn last year and was a bit obscure but as you can see this one is spot on,I can recognise some of the family but a full list would be useful.
If you click on the picture it will enlarge it and as it is quite a long picture you will need to use the slide bar at the bottom to see the right hand side of the picture

This picture was among Lyn's collection,Nan is standing just behind the bride and two along from her right looks like Aunty Rose,other than that I dont recognise anyone else,any sugestions whose wedding it was or can anyone spot any other members of our family?

Nan aged 25-30 ?

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Uncle Jack

Aunty Glad

Aunty Glad and Lyn

                                         Nan in her younger day's

                                             and this one if I am not mistaken is Nan when she was a little girl which makes the two boy's with her  brothers Jack and Jim Jelley ,opinions welcome.
                                                        Nanny and Linda

Tommy and Johnny

Nan,Grandad ,mum,Aunty Rose,Aunty Bet and I think that's Uncle Bert behind Nan,I don't recognise the couble with the baby behind,it look's like they were with them, perhap's Aunty Bet will ;
Johnny sent this comment : Hi everybody

Tom and I were sitting on the wall at the end of the garden in St Martins Road with granddads dog "Spud".

In the other picture I think the couple at the back might be Mum, and Dad with a dodgy expression on his face. Bearing in mind how much older she was than Betty it could easily be her. If it is, then the baby is Tom, who was only 4 years younger than Bet.

Uncle Jack and Auny Glad

This lovely picture is one of Lyn's collection