Sunday, 21 August 2011

Nanny and uncle Jack circa 1965

Uncle Jack and dog

victorian bathing costumes photo

This picture was in Uncle Jack's family albulm,the two ladies are sitting on the steps of a bathing machine,possibly the one on the right is Nan's mum Charlotte Naomi Jelley nee Roberts,she has similar features to the photo we have of her taken with John Jelley in uniform circa 1917

Pete and Jo

Peter,Mandy,Joanne and Lynn

Aunty Glad,Uncle Jack,Aunty Eve and Uncle Tom and Poodle

Nan and uncle Jack

World war one soldiers

This picture was amongst uncle Jack Saggers collection,I have included it in case anyone recognises any of the men in the picture,any help appreciated

Me (Bill Ware,(Dad with hair!) Mum (Joan Ware nee Saggers) Bob,Peter and Janet,1956

Jack Jelley

This is our Nan's brother Jack,(John Jelley) this picture was taken in world war two,he also joined up in world war one whilst under age he had just finished basic training when they realised he was only fourteen and he was sent home

Bob,Nan,Aunty Rose,Mark,Janet,Lynn,Me Mum and Dianne

Lynn with a chicken,probably in Nan's back garden

Bob,Mark,Janet,Me (Bill) Dianne and Lynn

Janet and Bob

Frederick William John Saggers

I received this email and this lovely photograph of the brother of our Great Grandfather as I have mentioned before they somewhat oddly both had the first name Frederick 

 Hi there.
My great grandfather was Frederick William John Saggers, the elder brother of your great grandfather Frederick Arthur Saggers, both sons of Henry (Harry) Saggers, so we are 3rd cousins. My father told me that Frederick William John was known as Fred, and Frederick Arthur as Arthur.

I’ve attached my only photo of Fred, from around 1891 or 92 when he was about 18. Unfortunately, there’s a big difference in ages between this photo and your one of Arthur (which I guess is early 1930s?), so that it’s hard to see any resemblance.

Have you got any further back in tracing their Saggers ancestors? I have reached our great x5 grandfather Thomas Saggers, who married Grace Taylor in 1774 but I’m stuck there. I’d love to know if you’ve got further!


Tony Saggers

(still living in Isligton!)