Friday, 7 February 2014

Are these two photograph's of the same person ?

The top picture is cropped from the group photo that i posted a few day's ago,the picture came with a letter to John from our Mums and Dad's  cousin Jack,
 the picture is of our Nan's Mother ,( Granny Jelly ) his Mother  Ruby , together with her children Including Jack who sent the picture , his sister's ,Ruby and Doris and Nan's youngest sister Margaret ,

when  my cousin John Collins fetched his collection of photographs , there was also another picture amongst them of a lady which looked to me like the same person but older, John wasn't sure who the lady was and thought it might be Aunty Ag , I sent the picture to my cousin Andy and asked him if he could ask his Mum ( Aunty  Betty ) if she could  identify who it was, 

immediately  Aunty Betty identified her as Nannie's sister Margaret Jelley or Mag's as the family called her  , anyway I decided the best way to be able to compare them properly was to crop the head's off the photos and put them together and here they are below ,
what do you all think, if everyone let's me know I will post any reply's anyone send's me together with these pictures : 

Andy has emailed me and he agrees they are both the same person

DIane has just contacted me and she also  thinks that they are both picture's of Aunty Mag's

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Sylvie, Scott and Dean

Sylvie Saggers with her son's Scott and Dean

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Nanny Jelly ,Ruby Jelley( nee Harwood) Jack Jelley, at the rear , infront Ruby Jelley, her sister Mavis Jelley and onthe right thier AuntyMags Jelley

This lovely old family picture is one of My cousin John Collins's collection, it was sent to him by Jack Jelley who was the son of  Nan's brother Jack Jelley and Ruby Harwood ,he accompanied the photo's that he sent with a letter saying who was who ,they are described by him as the little boy at the back is Jack Jelley junior, the lady on the left is Nan's Mother her maiden name was Charlotte Naomi Roberts better known by us as Nanny Jelley, to the right of her is her daughter in law Ruby Harwood, the front row is from the left Ruby Jelley , Doris Jelley and bottom right is Nan's youngest sister Mags ( Margaret Jelley) Mags married a man called Tommy Dowry and she sadly died in 1956, Ruby and Nan became great friends and our Nan and Grandad were witnesses at Jack and Ruby's wedding, young Ruby's Grandaughter Moira is still in contact with me she now lives in Basingstoke, the Army discharge certificate below this picture was Nanny Jelly's Grandfathers  .

James Roberts ( Nan's Great Grandad ) Army Discharge certificate from The Royal Hussars

This is the Army discharge certificate for our Grandmother's maternal Great Grandfather, his name was James Roberts and he fought at the Battle of Waterloo in the Royal Hussars Cavalry  he was in the army for twelve years , his son ( Nan's Grandad) Charles Roberts , was also in the army for a long time The Roberts family were from a tiny little village Otterden in Kent .